GIFTED: I tried Vilanas Hair Range. Does it work?

So one of my goals for this Winter is to start investing in more natural beauty and hair products and look after my body better! My hair and my skin have been a bit all over the place this past year and I know by using more natural products and reducing the chemicals and additives that I use on my body it will benefit me massively! So when the folks at Vilana Natural beauty reached out and offered me the chance to try their all natural hair range, I knew it was the perfect way to start my natural journey!

And also, who doesn't love trying out  new brands!?

So I really wanted to give these a good go before I had my final judgement, as sometimes it takes my hair a little time to adjust to new formulas and products, but one products my hair instantly loved was the Split End Cream. Yes, I probably don't get my hair cut as often I should and therefore I am pretty prone to the occasional split ends... which made me really intrigued to try this and see if it worked!

This is used after you wash your hair, and I found it worked a lot better when the hair was still damp. I had to use about 2 pumps on my ends as I have pretty thick hair, and after massaging into my ends I just let my hair to dry and that was it! My ends felt so much better after just one use, they felt smoother and like they had just had a chop... which in turn made my locks feel and look much healthier!

If you are prone to split ends, but don't want to continue forking out a fortune to get your hair professionally cut, this is a perfect purchase to keep your hair looking and feeling healthier in between cuts and to give those ends a much needed boost of moisture! Also, it is a MUST for those of us who can't go a day without using super hot styling tools on our hair (Yes, I am one of those people!)... my hair is truly thanking me!

So the next thing I tried was their Natural Solid Shampoo. I have used solid shampoos before so was excited to try this and compare it to previous ones I have used!

So how do solid shampoos work? You can add water to lather them up in your hands before massaging into your hair, or use directly on your hair by massaging the bar onto your scalp gently with water to build your lather and massage in! I have had a lot of previous positive experience with these shampoos and think they are a great alternative to bottled shampoo... so was eager to give this a go!

Let me tell you... my hair felt CLEAN! Like super clean! So much so I actually began using this every second shower, instead of everytime as I found it worked better this way, every time was just a little to much for my hair!Nevertheless, being someone who regularly uses product on their hair, I loved how little I had to use for my hair to feel fresh and clean... so this little bar will last a LONG time!

This is very strongly scented, which at first, I found super overpowering in the bathroom, but it makes your hair smell incredible, and the scent actually sticks around, unlike shop bought shampoos, where the smell fades as soon as you get out the shower! Even after a few days, I was still getting compliments from the other half!!!

This will be very well used, and last forever! I think this would be a great travel must have too, and will be much healthier for your hair!!

Lastly, of course with a great shampoo, you need a great conditioner too, so this was another exciting product to try, and probably one I was going to be the most critical of, as I have hair conditioners that I do love already! I really wanted to see if the natural ingredients in this would make a difference to my hair. 

So one thing I loved about this instantly was that it can be used 2 ways, either as a conditioner or as a more moisturising hair mask, depending on the length of time you leave it in the hair. So of course I had to try both. And I did have a preference!

I found the conditioner method worked a lot better for my hair type! It left my hair feeling smooth, shiny and healthy, without feeling heavy or oily and again, my ends got a huge boost of moisture, which is just what they are needing! If you leave the product in for the longer length of time, it works much more intensely and really repairs the hair, but I think this would be more beneficial to those with dryer and thinner hair, the shorter application was perfect for my oilier hair type! 

I know my hair has improved massively thanks to these little beauties joining my hair routine, and the natural ingredients have gave my hair that much needed boost and help without using nasty chemicals or additives! A mixture of all three products together have stopped my split ends in their tracks and smoothed out any frizziness and flyaways.. all while providing much needed moisture to my mid lengths!

I really can feel a difference in my hair since replacing my normal shop bought products with these natural products.. my hair stays cleaner for longer and I know I am not going to need to replace these as often as I would my usual high street goodies..

Have you tried Natural Hair products yet? And if you have, have your found there to be a difference in your hair? Let me know below!

Wanting to start your all natural journey? Why not head over to the Vilana website and pick up your own favourites to try....

Again, massive thank you to the vilana Team for letting me try some goodies. Although the products featured were gifted to me, my opinions have not been influenced in any way and are all my own. 

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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