GIFTED: I Tested the 'Better than Sex' Mascara - And a Chance to Win some Make Up Goodies!

So it isn't a secret that I love my make up, and although for obvious reasons, I have definitely not been reaching for my make up bag as much as I normally would, I still do like to try out the most talked about products! And of course one of the most talked about make up goodies out there is the Better than Sex Mascara from Too Faced! This has been on my to try list for a long time, so when I got a chance to try it, I couldn't say no!!

I have heard so many positive reviews for this mascara in particular, so I cannot wait to see if it is worth the hype!

So I used the same make up routine I always do, and applied the mascara as normal to really see how it compared to some of my already highly praised products. I was super surprised to see how well it applied... there was no need really to go for multiple layers to achieve that volumized look, although if you were looking for that super dramatic look, then of course you could apply as many layers as you like!

The wans itself is an hourglass shape, which is a huge plus in my books, it helps grab every eyelash and cote them evenly, which made my eyelashes more volumized and enhanced... they really made my eyes pop! The formula itself was a good consistency and looked great when applied..., none of this spider leg look for me, which I have found is the result of many popular mascaras and a big no no!

The only issue I found was the lasting power this has. I do have oilier eyelids and normally go for waterproof formulas because of this to avoid the panda eye look! However I have a couple of mascaras that I love if I prep right, and use powder etc to mattify. This on the other hand no matter how much powder I used or prep I done, within just an hour or two, began to smudge and spread around the eye area... which of course is not what you want when your a woman on the go! If you are like me then I would maybe try the waterproof version... I know I will be, because otherwise, this does feel like a fab product!

I will just point out, I do love the packaging for this, really heavy and high quality... and doesn't feel like a cheap brand at all, something I appreciate a lot! I don't really get put off by packaging, but I do appreciate when something feels nice, especially when it has got the hype this mascara does!

I want to know, what's your thoughts on the Better than Sex mascara, and do you think it is deserving of the reputation it has... I definitely think it is one of the most talked about make up products out there! Let me know below!


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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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