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So with it being a new year and all (Cheerio 2020!) I wanted to go into it ensuring I took care of myself as best as possible. 2020 was a tough year for everyone and with everything going on, I feel like one thing I lacked on was self care. I was determined to step into a fresh year with a new outlook on self care and ensure I had products that work for me!


With this being said, I was offered the chance to try out a new type of skincare towards the end of last year and I knew I had to give it a go. Naturecan is  CBD skincare range, and offers a range of skincare products infused with CBD that offer many benefits, including brilliant healing properties to repair damaged skin, and anti ageing elements. I have been intrigued about this whole new trend, mostly as I know that CBD has great pain relieving elements, perfect for someone with Fibromyalgia, like me, so i couldn't wait to trial it and see how it worked for me. 


I really wanted to delve right in and started with the moisturiser and hand cream. these are products I use the most on a regular basis and really wanted to see how they compared to my usual goodies! 

So let's start with the face moisturiser. I found it pretty good and it kept my skin feeling smooth and hydrated, kind of what you would expect with a moisturiser of course. However the one thing I noticed with the face products that really surprised me was that I felt my skin cleared up a lot. I don't necessarily suffer from bad skin, or acne, however I do have quite uneven skin and I am still prone to the occasional breakout. However since using this, my skin felt a lot more even and in much better condition. It made me super enthusiastic about using it and I actually enjoyed sitting down and doing my skincare routine every night!


I really enjoyed the hand cream too, although I never found this stood out as much as the moisturiser. It kept my hands nice and soft, and of course with the constant use of hand gels at the moment, it was just what I needed. I also don't struggle too much with dry hands, so if you are prone to chapped hands, this might have proved more beneficial, however for me, it was still a handy thing to have, and I will for sure use it up!



The next thing I tried was the lip balm! I am a collector of lip balms and rely on them a lot as I get the worst dry lips in the winter... so much so that they often bleed! I found this not only moisturised my lips, but helped repair them too, something I found extremely beneficial of course! I love to apply a thicker layer of this at night and let it dry in... I always wake up with healthy smooth lips and my dryness has gone! 10 out of 10 in my book!!!

I also relied on the balm a lot, and used this on my dry areas around my body, like my elbows and knees! It just helped to alleviate the dryness and aches that come with damaged skin and repaired them so they looked and felt healthy! A little goes a long way with this, and I love how I can take this about with me for emergencies (not that we are going anywhere currently!) and use it when I need it... especially in the colder months, when my skin can get very dry!



As much as I loved trying everything out and seeing what I liked... not everything worked out for me. I couldn't wait to try the facemask but unfortunately my sensitive skin wasn't happy and took a reaction to it, which I was really disappointed about! I think this would be a great mask for someone with less sensitive skin that me and I think the healing properties would be extremely beneficial to the right person, but unfortunately this one just didn't work for me... I am sure I have some family and friends that will be very thankful to give this a go however, and I can't wait to hear how they got on!



The last thing I received from the folks at Naturecan was a bottle of their CBD oil. This was something I was so excited to try as I knew there was a possibility this could have great benefits for me! I started putting a few drops under my tongue at night (I did my research and a lot of people had stated this was the best time) and gradually increased to about 10-15 drops over time! Firstly, I was surprised at the taste, it tasted minty, so wasn't off-putting in anyway and was actually quite nice!


I wouldn't say this helped my pain in a massive way, however I did only use 10 drops or so of 3% oil, so it isn't a lot! I did feel it provided a little relief however and just took the edge off most nights! I also found it quite beneficial to helping me get a night’s sleep. I do NOT sleep great and although I still feel I wake up a lot during the night, I managed to get to sleep quicker... something I find I really struggle with! It helped enough to make me continue to take on a regular basis and although I might increase the dose at some point, I am really happy with how this is working at the moment!



Have you tried CBD skincare? Would you like to? I am so glad I gave it a go after all these years... I was really intrigued with how each product worked for me and I loved finding my faves! I would highly recommend using NATURECAN skincare, their website is full of all the info you need to discover the best things for you... head over to for more info today!

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