4 Ways To Pamper Yourself When You're Feeling Burned Out

You must treat yourself once in a while, especially if you’re always busy and working hard. You deserve to feel good and it’s wise to recognise when you’re feeling burned out and could use some time to regroup.

There are four ways, in particular, to pamper yourself when you’re feeling exhausted and need to reset. Once you review the ideas make sure you put them on your to-do list and follow through with taking good care of yourself. You’ll feel like a new person and will do better at work and home when you have more energy and aren’t as stressed out.


1. Slow Down & Rest

You can pamper yourself when you’re feeling burned out by slowing down and resting. Consider saying no to others who request your time and energy, especially when you don’t have any more to give. Avoid rushing around from one activity to the next and clear your schedule so you can put your feet up. Don’t be afraid to take a nap after work instead of tackling your list of chores. Take breaks throughout your day and allow your mind a rest from thinking and working so hard.

2. Do Some Online Shopping

Another way to pamper yourself when you’re feeling burned out is to shop for yourself online. It’s okay to make purchases and buy gifts for yourself every so often and reward yourself for all the work you do at your job and around the house. Think about what you need and then sit down with your computer or phone and a cup of coffee and make a few purchases that bring a smile to your face. Think about what you’ll actually use such as new jewellery. Check out the line of Thomas Sabo Earrings for ideas and see what beautiful styles catch your eye.

3. Have A Spa Day

A spa day will do wonders for your mind and body. You can either set up an appointment outside of the house to go get a massage or create a spa day right at home. Pamper yourself when you’re feeling burned out by sitting in the bathtub and reading a good book and giving yourself a facial. You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated after one day of solitude and focusing on yourself and making yourself look and feel more beautiful.

4. Spend Time in Nature

You might also want to consider putting your phone down and disconnecting from technology when you’re feeling burned out. Instead of sitting on your electronics or working, head outside and spend more time in nature. You can pamper yourself by soaking up the sunshine or going on a long walk or hike and listening to some of your favourite music. Nature has a natural way of healing and will provide you with the space and time you need to decompress and think about your life and what you’re grateful for. Enjoy the beautiful sights and smells that surround you and that you have some time away from your desk and the hustle and bustle of your normal routine. 


It is more important than ever to look after ourselves during these difficult times, and although the end is ever growing nearer, taking time for ourselves and looking after our bodies during a burn out will ensure we stay healthy and happy! What advice do you have for looking after yourself when feeling Burned out? Let me know below....

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