Although I am only a new blogger I have been trying new beauty products and make up for years now. Everything I say and all opinions are completely my own unless otherwise stated.

If I am lucky enough one day to receive any products to try/review, I will state this in the blog and review it truthfully and honestly. I will never say anything because someone asked me to and if this is the case, I will discontinue any contact.

I believe that people read these sort of blogs to learn about products or items that they are interested in and I enjoy sharing my experiences and opinions with these people. I am open to trying new products for this reason and if I receive anything to review on this page, I will do so fully before blogging as I want to give the best feedback I can.

I am also not receiving any payment whatsoever on this blog, unless otherwise stated. I am purely doing this as a hobbie and do not make any profit in any way for praising a brand or product.

If you would like to work with me?.....

As a beginner I would love to get the chance to work with any other bloggers, not only to get experience and learn, but to hopefully one day build even a small fan base. If any brands would like to work with me, I would be greatly honored! If anyone would wish to work with me or get in contact, then please email me at the address below;


Any questins, then please email me at the address provided and I will happily respond

Thank you 

Nicole <3

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